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Crosman Air Pistols

Crosman is an American company that designs and manufactures shooting sports items. This company makes firearms and accessories that fire BBs and other pellets. A variety of airguns made by this company are available, and you can sort through the options by taking a look at this extensive inventory.

What is an air pistol?

An airgun is a type of firearm that shoots pellets using compressed air. Airguns have been manufactured for centuries, and these weapons are not to be confused with airsoft guns. While airsoft is a sport in which participants fire relatively harmless projectiles at each other for fun, airguns are often used for hunting small game, and these firearms can be lethal. These types of firearms make considerably less noise than traditional guns, and they usually fire metallic pellets that are much smaller than normal bullets. Some air pistols use a pump mechanism to fire, while other firearms of this type use a CO2 canister.

What types of air pistols are available?
  • 1377BR .177 American Classic: This model is one of the first compressed-air firearms that was made by this brand. The American Classic features a long barrel and a wood grip. This firearm shoots pellets at 600 fps, and the American Classic is a single-shot pistol, which means that it must be pumped back up between each shot.
  • Iceman CO2 Firearm: The Iceman is capable of firing either type of projectile used in air firearms. This gun is designed to look like a typical handgun, and it fires projectiles at 450 fps. Since this air handgun uses a CO2 cartridge to fire, it can be fired in semi-automatic mode.
  • 357 CO2 4.5mm: This offering is designed to look like a real .357 revolver. It has a silver body and a wooden grip. This air handgun fires 4.5mm projectiles, and the rated bullet velocity is 450 fps.
  • 2300T Target Firearm: This air handgun is specifically designed to be used at shooting ranges. Target handguns are used to help new shooters improve their aim, and the 2300T fires a single shot. This air handgun is designed with accuracy in mind, and it is lightweight and maneuverable.
How do you use an airgun?

Once you have found an air pistol that suits your purposes, follow these steps you prepare and use your gun:

  • Clean your gun thoroughly, and inspect it for any signs of damage.
  • Put on protective eyewear, and load your weapon. Loading mechanisms vary by model, but there is usually a compartment on the side into which you dump BBs or other projectiles.
  • Ensure that all proper safety protocols are being observed, and then release the safety catch on your gun. Pull the trigger to fire the weapon.