Understanding DAB Portable AM/FM Clock Radios

DAB stands for digital audio broadcast. For a long time, radio broadcasts used analog AM and FM frequencies. AM/FM frequencies suffer from quality degradation when they run into physical obstacles. It forces users to keep tuning the receiver and adjusting the antenna. DAB radios can give quality sound from low signals as long as they meet the set threshold. DAB signals can carry a large amount of data, such that users can receive news feeds as well as song and artist information.

How can I choose the right DAB radio?

Digital radios come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one depends on the kind of usage that you intend to put it through.

  • Portable radio – The main features to look for in a portable DAB radio include a compact size accompanied with a handle. If you are going to move around a lot, pick a radio that runs on batteries. You may opt for rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Some radios have Bluetooth, Micro SD, and USB connections so that you can play music from other devices.
  • Tabletop radios – These radios can sit on your kitchen top or bedroom nightstand. If you intend to listen to your radio while in the kitchen, pick something that you can easily operate with wet hands. Go for large knobs and dials. You can also include a timer option to help with your cooking. A DAB radio with a large clock display and an alarm clock with plenty of options will work great for your bedroom.
  • Living room radios – A quality stereo sound that resembles a hi-fi system is a great option for your living room or lounge. Some extra features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, USB connection, and a phone dock adds some pop to the mix.

What other features should I look for on the radio?

  • Retro or modern design - Some radios keep up a sense of the old times in their design while packing all the modern features. The choice remains a matter of personal taste. You may also want to look at how the device will fit in with the room decor.
  • Station presets - This feature allows you to mark your favorite stations so that you can easily find them by pressing a dial. Different models offer varied preset options that can run from anything between 10 to 100 preset stations.
  • Waterproof features - A radio that can survive water splashes is a great companion for the bathroom, kitchen, poolside, and camping trips.
  • Power options - A battery-powered radio is a great choice for people who are always on the move. When you opt for one that uses a rechargeable battery, look for the playtime hours that it can run when on a full charge. A mains option is great when you plan to keep the radio in one place.
  • Connections - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ethernet ports, Micro SD, USB, and headphone jack ports are some of the connection features that you will consider depending on your needs.

Can I listen to FM radio on digital audio broadcasting radio?

Many DAB radios have AM and FM receivers since some of the radio stations run on analog transmitters.