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How to Find DKNY Duvet Covers and Bedding Sets

Duvet covers can change the look of your bedroom, so when you're selecting duvet covers and sets, keep the type of theme or style you wish to achieve for your space in mind, such as classic, shabby, bohemian, or traditional. Duvet covers and duvet cover sets can come individually or with other matching items.

What Designs and Patterns Are Available?

Purchasing a DKNY duvet or comforter gives you the option of selecting from numerous styles and designs to enhance your bedroom decor.

  • Solid-colored bedding comes in shades such as neutral cream, gray, ivory, taupe, and black, or in bolder colors such as jade green, midnight blue, and plum.
  • Duvet covers and sets are also available in graphic designs, patterns, and prints. Some of these include stripes, floral prints, paisley patterns, tie-dyed options, heathered options, and geometric designs.
  • Some bedding is adorned and embellished with decorations, such as ruffles or sequins. You can also select bedding with texture, such as pleats, or metallic threads or stripes woven into the fabric.

What Comes in a Bedding Set?

Purchasing a set is an effortless way to get everything you need for a polished bedroom with one purchase. Sets vary in size, ranging from full to king and queen-sized sets. 

  • DKNY sets generally come with three or more pieces. One component of a bedding set is matching shams. A pillow sham is like a slipcover for your pillow. Shams are made of the same fabric as the duvet cover or comforter and make your bed look pulled together and chic.
  • A duvet cover set comes with a duvet cover or thick comforter. Duvet cover sets and comforters are both made of soft fabric in a variety of material options, giving the duvet cover a certain look and feel based on which material you select.

What Materials Are Used for Duvet Cover Sets?

Though some people prefer using a duvet cover for merely decorative purposes, others enjoy using a duvet cover as an extra layer of warmth when temperatures drop.

  • Choose soft, natural materials when selecting a duvet, such as 100 percent cotton or 100 percent silk. Linen is another option as a lightweight, plant-based fiber. Some types of duvet cover materials refer to the way the material is crafted, such as jacquard, which is a weaving technique that uses materials such as cotton, or damask, which is thinner than jacquard. Cotton bedding material is machine-washable.
  • There are also pillowcases and duvet cover sets made from blends of materials. These include cotton blends and cotton-sateen blends. 
  • Man-made fibers include polyester, which is a sturdy material used in some duvet cover designs.
  • Cotton, silk, and linen pillowcases, bedding, and duvets are often filled with soft, fluffy cotton or even down feathers that create a luxurious bed.

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