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Store Your Favorite Programs Digitally With a DVR Hard Drive

A DVR hard drive can be a great way to store your favorite movies or series in a digital file format. You can use a DVR hard drive with various electronics. Familiarizing yourself with the various hard disks for DVR recording and playback can help you find the model on eBay that has the features you need.

What resolutions do DVR hard drives support?

DVR hard drives can record and play media in several resolutions. The resolution of your digital media can determine its sharpness or clarity and relates to how many pixels it uses. If you have a particular resolution in mind, you can choose the one you want from the categories you see in eBay's sidebar. Resolutions are usually listed according to the width and height their pixels can achieve. Your DVR hard drive can receive virtual signals and record media for playback later in the resolution you choose. Some common options in this category include 720p, 1080p, and 2160p.

Can you add features to your DVR hard drive?

All DVR hard drives can store digital media for you. Some models include additional features that you might find useful or convenient. You can browse through eBay's categories to view all the features you might want to include. The site can show you the hard drives for DVR recording that have the features you like. Some things you'll come across during your search are:

  • Disc changer - Your DVR hard drive may include support for multiple DVD discs. You can use the changer to select which discs are in the main tray.
  • Tuner - The tuner on your hard drive can find and relay digital signals. These signals can send the content to your DVR for recording as it is playing.
  • HDMI - An HDMI port can help your DVR drive interface with other devices through an HDMI cable.
What interface options are there?

Many drives you'll find on eBay include remote controls. These accessories are designed to work with your DVR drive and help you access all of its features from the comfort of your couch. The remote has an interface to access any DVR menus that might be on the drive, scroll through available content that is already stored there, and control the playback of the digital media. Some DVR hard drives include physical interfaces on their front or side panels. These panels feature buttons that provide you with access to the drive's basic features.