DeVilbiss Automotive Spray Guns


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DeVilbiss Automotive Spray Guns

Ready, Aim, Spray. Getting the perfect finish starts with the equipment used to apply the paint. With DeVilbiss automotive spray guns you are sure to find the model to serve you well. It goes without saying, there are a lot of steps required to paint a car, but the first step is getting a DeVilbiss paint gun added to your tool collection. So before you pick out the paint, prep the car or start your garage ventilation, sit down and learn all about paint guns. DeVilbiss spray paint guns come in three different fluid-feed styles: gravity, pressure, and suction feed. Each technique has its own set of pros and cons.

Let Gravity Work For You

A gravity feed DeVilbiss spray gun uses high volume, low pressure (HVLP) to deliver a high output with lower excess spray. Not only is this type of feeder better for the environment because of less back spray, but its also better for your wallet because you can use all the paint in the container. One feature to be on the lookout for when choosing a paint sprayer is an adjustable fan pattern, so you get the finish you want to achieve.

Put The Pressure On

With a pressure feed sprayer, you get a higher volume of fluids than other setups, plus you have the option for using a wider range of materials. In addition, you get to control the fluid pressures. This type of setup is typically easier to clean because most come with an option to hook up a water hose to the nozzle when finished to flush out leftover paint.

Suck It Up

The last type of fluid delivery system is suction feed. As you would imagine, this setup uses a straw like pickup tube in the cup to get the paint from the container to the nozzle. It uses air pressure to push the paint out the front and onto the vehicle. A few advantages to using this type of technique is that it works well with metallic paints as well as thinner materials. Moreover, its great with specialty coatings you might want to add to give your ride a unique look.