Decorative Collector Plates

Decorative Collector Plates

Collectors value all sorts of vintage and commemorative items, including limited edition plate collections. Many homes have at least a few plate decorations hanging on walls or displayed on shelves. With all the variation in color scheme, style, and content, there is a collection of plates that matches any home decor.

What are some different styles of collectible plates?

Each collector has a personal preference when it comes to plate decorations. Most collector plates are made out of porcelain, spanning about 7 to 10 inches in diameter. Some feature gold or silver rims. What sets the collectibles apart, though, is their theme. Some of the more widely known themes include the following:

  • Historical time periods like the Norman Rockwell and "Little House on the Prairie" collections.
  • Celebrities and fan art, including Elvis Presley or "Star Trek" collectibles.
  • Animals such as different dog breeds and birds.
  • Holiday themes, including Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.
  • Inspirational messages of hope, gratitude, and peace.
How do you show collectible plates?

Many collections are appropriate year-round, while others are relevant specifically during holidays. Whatever the theme, however, plate decorations are truly works of art. Collectors can dedicate entire cases to their collection or organize them into a cohesive shape on a wall. Due to the irregular shape of a plate, it can be difficult to exhibit without specialty hangers. The types of hangers available include the following:

  • Disc hangers are double-sided adhesive pads. One side attaches to the plate, and the other sticks on the wall. These are a great way to show off a collection without hooks or wire hangers distracting from the art. Available in varying sizes, they can hold plates of any weight and leave no sticky residue when removed.
  • Vinyl-coated hangers latch around the top and bottom rims of the plate and have a spring system to hold it tightly in place. These hang on hooks affixed to a wall.
  • Collectible racks are decorative wall hangers that are designed specifically to hold plate decorations. Often made out of wire with a decorative pattern of leaves or flowers, they have slots for a specific number of plates.
  • Shelf stands are a very common way of displaying collector plates on shelves or mantels. These are usually plastic and resemble a small easel.
What are some food and beverage brands that offer collectibles?

Some decorative plates feature well-known food and drink companies with classic designs and logos. Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola have collectible plates with their logo, and certain plates are even shaped like soda bottles. Budweiser also offers multiple collectibles with their logo alongside horses, puppies, or holiday themes. Fast-food institutions also have decorative fan plates, including McDonalds series that features the adventures of Ronald McDonald.