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Drawing Boards & Tables Have Many Users and Uses

Drawing boards and tables are common in artists’ studios, architectural firms and in maker spaces. These tiltable tables allow artists to work at an angle that’s similar to the angle of their reference photos. For some, who usually work at an easel, the table’s tilted top mimics easel work. Many styles of artists’ tables exist. This includes portable ones that come without table casters.

Who typically uses drawing boards & tables?

Once a fixture in architectural offices, the tillable table has gained popularity in other settings, too. For instance, maker spaces in colleges, schools and community group spaces now come equipped with drawing tables. These pieces provide young inventors with a dedicated place to draw and sketch.

The design of these tables has another function. It allows users to convert the tilted tabletop to a flat surface, opening up additional space for model making, sewing and other projects.

Similarly, illustrators and artists who work in traditional media, like pencils or acrylic paints, also use drafting tables. Many of these drawing tables come equipped with drawers and slots for pencils, paintbrushes, rulers and other art tools. This allows the artist to keep supplies neat and close by.

Is it possible to get a portable drawing desk with a tiltable table?

Yes, fortunately for the traveling artist, it’s possible to find a portable drawing desk. Usually, these are labeled as portable easels or travel easels. However, these portable drawing tables really function as an all-in-one tool.

True enough, they have the drafting table component. This allows artists to work on a tilted surface just as they would at their home or office desk. They also come with a desk area, which is stashed under the tabletop. In other words, this component gives artists a space to store supplies. This setup gives artists an opportunity to paint and draw from life, without having to sacrifice comfort or a suitable stash of art tools.

How do you choose a drafting or drawing table?

Plenty of factors will influence which drafting table you choose. It needs to fit the needs of your projects. For example, if you do a lot of large-scale works, then a smaller table may not suit you. Second, you’ll want to choose a table that matches your style and your office decor. This is particularly true if you run a professional office because the right furniture makes a positive brand statement. Finally, choose a desk that fits you physically. In other words, if it’s too large or too small, working at it feels uncomfortable.