E-Folding Bikes

Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting an E-Folding Bike

Folding e-bikes offer many benefits, from easy transport and storage to reducing knee strain. Bay lists new and used folding e-bikes in a wide range of prices to suit most budgets.

Factors to consider when choosing an e-folding bike

Electric folding bikes combine the efficiency of a moped with the portability of a folding bike. Besides pedal power and speed, e-bikes have a few components to consider:

  • Battery: Electric bikes operate on rechargeable batteries, which can run approximately 20 miles on a single charge.
  • Motor: From 250 to 750 watts of power lets these bikes handle speeds of 20-30 mph.
  • Throttle: The throttle resembles the twist shift on a motorcycle; it allows you to toggle between pedaling and riding without using the pedals.
  • Controller: This component uses battery power to transmit signals to the motor for powering, moving, and controlling the bikes functions.
Benefits of electric folding bikes

Electric folding bikes offer advantages including:

  • Low environmental impact: An e-bike provides an environmentally friendly alternative to cars and public transit.
  • Versatility: You can adjust the controls to accommodate your needs for leisure, commuting, or fitness.
  • Saving space: The compact design allows you to fold the bike up to a third of its size, making it easy to carry up stairs and store in tight spaces.
What types of folding electric bikes are available?

When searching for a folding e-bike on eBay, its s good idea to familiarize yourself with options like these:

  • Pedelec: Pedelec refers to pedal-assisted bikes with a 250-watt motor that requires moving the foot levers for electrical power assistance.
  • S-Pedelec: S-Pedelec bikes have a 500-watt motor, allowing you to ride faster and longer without much effort.
  • Throttle-operated: Also known as twist-n-go bikes, these can operate without pedaling.
Which companies manufacture folding e-bikes?

eBay offers folding e-bikes from manufacturers like these, which produce bikes in various styles.

  • Sondors: This brand makes three types of e-fold bikes. The standard model features an aluminum frame and operates on a lithium-ion battery. An X-model comes equipped with an LCD screen and operates at seven different speeds. Sondors Fold XS electric bike features a sleek design and runs on 750 watts of power.
  • Pedego: Pedego offers the Latch electric folding bike in three colors. It comes with folding pedals, a long seat, and a telescoping handle.
  • Cyclamatic: This company offers the CX2 with a six-gear system and the CX4 with dual suspension. Both options feature a lightweight design.