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Bring the Movie Theater Experience Home with an Epson Projector

Television sizes grow bigger by the day and so do their prices. However, theres a way to get a theater experience at home without having to invest in a huge TV. One way is with an Epson projector that you can mount in your home, but before you buy a projector, you should know the answers to a few common questions.

What devices can you hook up to an Epson projector?

The actual hookups on the back of a projector vary depending on the make and model. In general, even cheap Epson projectors offer multiple HDMI ports. With these ports, you can hook up any devices that display picture via an HDMI connection. They include the following:

  • Video game consoles
  • DVD players
  • Cable and satellite box tops
  • DVR recorders
  • Laptop computers
Can Epson projectors display 4K resolution?

Not all projectors offer a 4K resolution. However, some Epson projector 4K models are available. Those that support 4K resolution typically cost more but display a crisper picture. Its also important to remember that the quality of the picture being projected depends heavily on the screen on which you project it. With a high-quality screen, even an Epson projector with 1080p resolution will provide an image thats on par with most TVs.

How large of a picture does an Epson projector display?

The size of the picture depends heavily on the make and model of the Epson projector that you choose. For example, the Epson projector Home Cinema lineup can display a nearly 25 times larger picture than a 60-inch flat screen TV. In most cases, this is large enough to cover an entire wall in a home. These projectors can support this large picture size because they have three times higher color brightness over digital light processing.

Do Epson projectors have built-in speakers?

Some Epson models have built-in speakers for ease of use. These speakers are typically located on the back of the projector and play audio directly from the source. Many of them also offer hookups in the back that allow you to connect external speakers for even more audio options. The size of the room you place your projector in will determine if you need additional speakers or not. Most units come with a remote control too, so you can easily adjust the sound and size of the picture from the projector. Regardless of whether you want speakers or not, you can find what youre looking for on eBay.

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