Ford Car and Truck Lights and Indicators

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Ford Car & Truck Lighting and Lamps 

If you don’t know much about Ford lights, you may think they all look the same. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single light is different, and most Ford headlights match up with a specific model and even model year. Your buying decision doesn’t end there; you can also choose what type of light you need, such as a fog light or a turn signal. Then, you can decide whether you wish to purchase OEM lights, aftermarket lights, or private label lights. Make sure you maintain the lighting in and on your Ford to not only ensure safety but also stay within the laws of the road.

Factory Lights

The lights that came with your Ford truck or car are known as its factory lights. These are a perfect fit for your Ford, and it’s always wise to purchase another pair of factory lights when your existing ones lose their luster. As the years go by, headlights and tail lights get upgrades and added features, so while you can still purchase factory lights for your car, you may also find that there are newer versions available, and this may include improved visibility or a more stylish appearance. Keep in mind the model and model year of your car when purchasing Ford car lights or Ford truck lights so you know they’ll fit, and choose the bulb style that meets your needs, such as fog lights, LED lights, or halogen lights. 

Signal Lights

Another important set of lights is your signal lights, also known as your turn signals. When it comes to Ford lighting, signal lights are also called corner lights, because they have a rounded appearance that makes them fit easily around the car’s corners on the brand’s compact cars. Signal lights come in pairs or singles, and if you only require one signal light, make sure you know which one it is before purchasing. Signal lights are typically simple to install yourself, so you don’t need to hire a mechanic to complete the job. If you’re looking for lights for a retro Ranger or other older model, you’ll likely find classic lights that fit many model years. 

Projector Headlights

A new trend with Ford car lights is projector headlights. These ultra-bright headlights not only look sleek and cool, but many drivers who get behind the wheel of trucks or SUVs prefer them for their high performance and increased visibility. Typically made with LED lights, projector headlights offer a sharp beam for intense light, and many drivers enjoy the appearance of these hip, European style headlights on their Ford Focus or other vehicle. Instead of buying a new car, simply upgrade it with some new lights.