Pull on Full Lace Human Hair Wigs for Women

High-quality wigs made out of human hair create a more lively and realistic look than wigs that do not use human hair. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including emulating current fashions and changing your look without a drastic cut or color. Many wigs come with a lace front for a more unified appearance, and you can find a large variety of new items on eBay at a reasonable price.

What wig textures are available?

Wigs have many textures from which you can choose. For example, you can select beautiful curly hair that emulates the look of naturally curly hair. If you want curly hair but not total curls, you can go with a wavy look. These are a little less severe and are easier to style.

There are also straight hair extensions available that you can attach to your natural hair. These are similar to a wig but produce a straighter look that is less obvious than a full cap.

What features have been integrated into these wigs?

There are multiple features integrated in these hair extensions, including light wavy styles and an adjustable lace front. However, there are also other features designed to meet the needs of a variety of different users. These include:

  • Brazilian hair
  • Hand-tied
  • Indian hair
  • Layered
  • Malaysian hair
What colors are available?

When buying straight, curved, or wavy hair extensions and wigs, there are many colors from which you can choose. For example, you can buy a black wig, a color that is difficult to emulate with dye.

There are also various shades of brown, including dark, light, and medium brown. Reddish colors, such as bright red and auburn, are also available. Blonde wigs that range from almost white to nearly brown are possibilities. Finally, you can also find stylish multi-color options.

How long are these wigs?

There are three different lengths for these wigs. The exact length of each type varies for each particular model. For example, long models can range from 10 to 12 inches whereas shorter ones may be limited to 3 to 5 inches. It is possible to trim longer wigs if they are a little bit too long for your preference.