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Determining if a Tower PC is Right for You

In a world dominated by portability, there is still a place for the desktop computer. While you cant exactly easily fit them in your book bag, this increased size means that they can often hold much more powerful technology without having to worry about saving space. When you are in need of a home or work computer, you can find a wide variety of Gateway tower and all-in-one computers available on eBay from a multitude of sellers.

What Are the Advantages of a Desktop Computer?

When opting for a desktop computer, youll probably want to know which advantages a tower computer has over a laptop or netbook. Fortunately, there are many reasons why you may prefer a desktop computer.

  • The main reason is power. Because these devices are larger, they can naturally hold more technology. This means that they typically have more RAM, as well as superior motherboards, than similarly priced laptops.
  • Another advantage is storage space. The same reason these devices can have more power is the same reason they can have more storage: the size of the computer. While laptops have to conserve size, desktops are free to offer large hard drives or even multiple hard drives.

Can I Upgrade My Desktop?

When youre the type who enjoys the ability to be able to improve your machine as time goes on, youre in luck: desktops are notoriously easy to upgrade in comparison to other computers.

  • Arguably the easiest upgrade to make is to install additional RAM. RAM is your computers current memory: the memory it uses to run programs and applications that you are currently using. More RAM generally means faster computing speeds, and luckily, its as easy as opening the body of the device, finding the right slot, and plugging in the extra RAM.
  • Another relatively simple upgrade is a new graphics card or video card. In a laptop, the graphics card is often integrated, meaning it attaches to the motherboard and is virtually impossible to change without getting a new motherboard altogether. In a tower, though, you can quite easily swap out the video card for a superior version.

Which Specific Gateway Model Should I Consider?

The first step in deciding which PC to buy is determining which series is right for you. There are multiple series on the market, each specializing in a different computing experience.

  • The brand designs the DX Series with multimedia use in mind. The DX series offers a minimalist design, while packing powerful generation processors and a host of graphics choices depending on your media needs.
  • While the previous series was about power, the SX Series is about convenience. Featuring gentle curves and a matte black finish, this device is a third of the size of most tower PCs and is therefore easy to transport or fit into small spaces. You can choose how much memory you want, as well as which CPU you need.

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