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Grasshopper Lawnmower Parts & Accessories

Grasshopper Lawnmower Accessories & Parts

Grasshopper lawnmowers offer efficient lawn care for homeowners and professionals. Their line of powerful lawn care machines features zero-degree turn capacity and custom cuts including mulching, side and rear discharge, and vacuum pickup. You can buy replacement blades and parts to keep your mower in top running condition.

What are OEM Replacement Parts?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer; the phrase means that the replacement item comes from the same manufacturer as the original item on your mower. The company uses components made to their order by suppliers. An OEM replacement must be made by the manufacturers designated supplier. Items made by other suppliers are called aftermarket parts, and they can meet or exceed the originals quality or performance. Some aftermarket replacements offer lower prices than OEM items, and other aftermarket components may offer innovations. Lawnmower manufacturers frequently recommend OEM replacements.

How do you find the right part for your mower?

Replacements depend upon the machine’s model and year. The first step is to locate your model number and serial number. On front mount deck models, the manufacturer stamps the information on a metal plate located on the right side of the deck. On mid-mount models, the manufacturer installs a metal information plate on the metal frame beneath the driver seat. When selecting replacements, you should make sure they work with your model number.

What type of riding mower blades should you buy?

Grasshopper designed blades for different types of mowing. Their riding mowers use six types of blades for cutting work as listed below. You can buy the type that came with your model or add new cutting tools.

  • Hi-lo mulching type leaves tiny clippings to nourish the soil.
  • Medium-lift blades must be used with vacuum systems, and they work well with a side discharge system.
  • Contour blade is optimal for manicured cuts and dry sandy soils.
  • High-lift notched blade is the recommended all-around blade for wet or dry conditions.
  • Extreme high-lift notched blades work non-mulching high powered and liquid-cooled power plants with 23 HP or more.
  • Shredders lift and cut grass into tiny pieces.
Can you replace OEM items with aftermarket components?

OEM replacements essentially equal something that came with the machine. Aftermarket manufacturers can offer different combinations of materials and designs from the OEM item. Using aftermarket replacements can be a matter of your tastes, preferences, and economics. For example, a manufacturer may offer a replacement part with heavier metal and more resistance to wear than an OEM part. Like any purchase decision, you can weigh the advantages and make a selection based on your priorities.

How do you find the names of the parts?

You can start with the information that came with your mower; it has a user’s manual and detailed lists and diagrams. If you do not have the manual, you can get a copy from the manufacturer or download it from the manufacturers website. Once you have the owner’s manual, you can identify the parts by looking at the diagrams.

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