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Get the Right Shot With Green Muslin Studio Background Material

Both photography and video often use a green screen, which can then later be digitally altered on a computer to put almost any background imaginable behind a subject. A green screen made from muslin can be used to put a subject in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids or any geographical landmark without ever leaving home. Most studios will have a large backdrop in the studio, but there are also portable backdrops available for shooting outside of a studio.

What size of green screen do you need?

The size of green screen you need will depend on what you are shooting. For photography, you generally only need a backdrop that is a few feet wider than the subject. It will also depend on how close or how wide you are shooting. For extreme close up shots, you don't need a background that goes all the way to the ground, but just one that is large enough to fill the frame.

If you are shooting a subject from head-to-toe, however, you need a backdrop that reaches all the way down to the floor and has several feet of excess material for the subject to stand on. A standing frame is often used to hold the material for large backdrops and to keep it steady when there is movement. If you are shooting video and the subject will be moving, you need to ensure your fabric is wide enough to provide a solid green background throughout their movement.

How do you insert the background on a green screen?

Once you have shot your subject in front of the green backdrop, you will load your photo or video into an editing program. The editing program will use what is called a chroma key to isolate all the green in the background and delete it. You can then add whatever background you want to into the image, and the editing software will create a smooth, seamless edit to place your subject in front of your chosen background.

Can you use any green material?

Green screen muslin material is a very specific shade of green, which most photography and video editing programs are programmed to recognize specifically. In addition, a specific density of a material is used for photography and video shoots because of the power of the lights used. Photo and video lights are incredibly strong and make thinner fabrics appear sheer. This will show whatever is behind the fabric in your photo or video, so it's important to use thicker muslin fabric.