HERMÈS Men's Watches

Splurge on Hermes Men's Wristwatches

Hermes expanded its business into the field of watchmaking in the year 1928. The earliest of watches made use of the mechanisms offered by top-name Swiss watchmakers while keeping the branding intact. It was only in 1978 that the brand decided to launch its own watchmaking unit in Bienne. The brand has, since then, continued to produce creative timepieces with innovative designs. Hermes watches can be distinguished by their signature saddle stitch and the iconic H-shaped case that represent the brand. They can be powered by both mechanical as well as quartz movement. A stainless-steel case houses a sapphire crystal with an analog dial. Some of the watches are equipped with complications that include chronographs, timers, alarms, date indicators, and more. Apart from the traditional leather strap, you can also find watches with stainless-steel bracelets for the band. Hermes Arceau, Hermes Cape Cod, Hermes Dressage, and Hermes H-our are some of the collections by the brand. Hermes watches can be a great addition to your ensemble.

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