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Hamilton Vintage Watches

Add a Vintage Hamilton Watch to Your Collection

Vintage watches are selected for the way they work and look or for the history behind them. Hamilton watches began appearing in the late 1800s as reliable timepieces. You can find watches in great condition and as trophies to store away or for a special occasion on your wrist.

Used Hamilton watches

Look for vintage Hamilton watches that have varied conditions for a bargain price. Slimmer watches were for everyday use and were inexpensive though made for luxury class. Used watches may be in working condition upon purchase or may need some tuning up.

The styles and looks of a vintage Hamilton watch

You can find working watches or parts and pieces with models like these:

  • 1941 Hamilton Martin: This find has a square face with rounded edges. It offers full-sized numerals cased in Coral Gold Fill.
  • 1953 Cranston: The Cranston relies on 18-karat gold with a sterling silver dial. This watch uses a sleek leather band and a rectangular face. For its age, its often found in mint condition.
  • 1959 SeaScape: The gold-plated body of the SeaScape protects its dial. The face has no numerals and a rounded casing. Its marked as Swiss-made and is considered as where collectors start due to its accessibility.
  • 1960 Thin-O-Matic: As its name might imply, this was a Hamilton watch made to be thin in profile. It blends its slim theme with Art Deco patterns for a watch having no extra weight in its frame.
What to look for in Hamilton vintage wristwatches

A vintage Hamilton watch stands out with these features:

  • Mens and womens: This watchmaker provided designs and ideas suitable for both men and women. The vintage collection consists of sleek molds that were lightweight and flexible.
  • Unique faces: Squares and elongated rectangles are two central themes for the watchmaker. Round faces are also found, but the rounded edge of a four-sided casing was central.
  • Mint conditions: Try searching based on condition and even precious metals or stones. This watchmaker released many models that are now in mint condition for use or for collecting.
  • Precious metals: Gold is a common metal used by the watchmaker for every year of release. Youll find solid gold and plated gold versions.
  • Automatic and electric: Electric power relies on batteries. Automatics use momentum to wind the clock and keep it running.
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