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Hartmann Travel Luggage

Hartmann Travel Luggage

For every type of travel, there is an appropriate piece of Hartmann luggage. The Hartmann travel luggage company has been around since 1877 producing high-quality bags for discerning travelers. From carry-on bags to hard-sided suitcases, garment bags to duffle bags, Hartmann has a quality piece.

What types of luggage does the Hartmann brand have?

Hartmann luggage is categorized into different collections. Each collection is unique, but they share all the special features that the Hartmann brand guarantees. The different types of luggage youll find in their collections are:

  • Carry-on luggage, wheeled or with a carry handle
  • Upright suitcases
  • Spinners
  • Gliders
  • Travel garment bag
  • Duffle bag
  • Hard-sided bag
What are the features of Hartmann’s wheeled, carry-on garment bag?

The hard-sided, wheeled carry-on garment bag is optimal for a weekend bag as well as a carry-on. Its made of scratch-resistant, 100% poly-carbon material which is durable and light-weight. Its spinner wheels are durable and smooth gliding. The telescoping handle system locks into position at a couple of different levels. There is a luxurious, figure-eight, leather handle on top, making it easy to carry. Inside, there are two main compartments, two corner pockets, and two larger mesh pockets. Technology compartments add easy access for gadgets. And, it has a separate garment sleeve that is removable for easy packing. The combination lock is TSA approved. Hartmann luggage also comes with a lifetime warranty. The garment bag is suitable as carry-on luggage because it weighs less than 10 pounds.

What are the features of the Tweed collection Hartmann luggage?

The well-known Hartmann tweed fabric combines with their hallmark full grain leather to create a chic line of classic luggage. The tweed material is specially treated for protection against water, dirt, or stains. The luggage is easy to clean and care for as well as stylish. These suitcases are easy to carry and handle. They are also ideal for carry-on luggage.

Can you hang the Hartmann garment bag with clothes inside?

The garment bag in each collection of the company’s line opens fully and is convenient to hang up. Theres no need to remove your clothes from the garment bag. Your suits, shirts, dresses, or skirts will remain wrinkle free and accessible. The pocket compartments are removable, so you can leave your clothes in the closet and carry other items where you need them.

What is special about vintage Hartmann luggage?

Vintage pieces of Hartmann luggage are prized possessions because the style of Hartmann luggage is timeless. Hartmann began creating carry-on luggage as soon as airlines created overhead bins. A beautiful Hartmann vintage suitcase or garment bag stands up to wear and tear like no other. Carry your clothes in a vintage bag like Winston Churchill or James Bond.