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Hasbro has licenses to use dozens of different well-known characters in its board games and toys, and they are one of the top brands. While some titles are suitable for younger players, others allow adults to get in on the fun. Hasbro makes products designed for family game night and other events.

What is a suitable age range for Hasbro board games?

Hasbro makes an array of games and toys suitable for a variety of different age groupings, and you can always find the recommended age range on a game’s packaging. This lets you know which ages can safely participate and fully understand the rules of play. Monopoly and similar products come with small pieces that are not suitable for younger kids. Many titles have a rating of 5 years old and up, but some have a rating designed for ages 8 and up. The company makes a small number of products designed specifically for teenagers or adults as well.

What games does Hasbro make?

Here are some of the games Hasbro offers:

  • Connect 4: In Connect 4, two people each get a series of pieces in one color. They take turns dropping the pieces into a central game board to take control and win.
  • Monopoly: Based on Atlantic City, the original version of this game gives you money that you can use to buy properties. When others land on your properties, they have to pay rent. You can make more with hotels and houses that you buy.
  • Operation: This Hasbro game asks you to perform surgery on a character in the center of the board. Touching the sides with your instruments ends your turn.
  • LIFE: In LIFE, you simply go through life. You get a car and a peg that represents you. This board game lets you go to college, get married, find a job, and even have kids.
  • Sorry: One of the older products available from the company, Sorry lets up to four play at once. You need to safely get all the pieces of the color you chose to the end before anyone else.
Do you need batteries?

Electronic, or partly electronic, games like Battleship will require batteries. Operation and others also require batteries. You can check the packaging to see whether batteries will be needed. Hasbro designed these games to compete with gaming consoles and to excite older gamers.

What is a collector's-edition game?

A collector's edition is a version that is only available for a limited amount of time. This category can also include exclusive products and games that feature characters from television shows and films. The My Little Pony Monopoly game is one example. It incorporates characters like Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. You'll get small toys inside the box that you can use as moving pieces. A My Little Pony version of LIFE is also available. Also available is a limited-edition version of Scrabble that features heavier pieces and a board that spins.

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