Craft Heartfelt Creations Stamps

Stamps are one of the tools available to people who wish to create a mixed media project. When ink or paint is applied, they can be pressed onto the surface of cardstock, glossy paper, or patterned paper to leave an imprinted design. Heartfelt Creations was started in 1997 and offers products for crafts, and among these are stamps with a variety of motifs.

What can stamps be used for?

They can be used to add decoration or a custom message to many kinds of projects. Some of their specific uses include the following:

  • Scrapbooking: You can use stamps to embellish the pages of scrapbooks with words and images.
  • Cardmaking: By stamping a particular design on a piece of cardstock, you can create greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, weddings, or graduations. Stamps also make it possible to create individualized cards expressing sentiments that fall outside the standard greeting card topics.
  • Journaling: You can use stamps to add images to a visual or art journal.
  • Creating gift tags and invitations: Because stamps enable you to generate images related to a specific theme, they are useful for decorating handmade or store-bought gift tags and invitations.
What materials are stamps made from?

Stamps are either unmounted or mounted, with rubber mounted on wood being a common form. Unmounted stamps can be cling stamps, which are already sticky. If they aren't this type, they need to be adhered to wood or acrylic mounting blocks. This is done by applying adhesive backing or cling foam. The unmounted variety can be made from the following materials:

  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Clear acrylic
  • Clear photopolymer
What kinds of Heartfelt Creations designs are available?

The designs fall into different categories. You'll find themes such as the ones listed here:

  • Flowers and plants: These range from specific flowers such as Poinsettias to trees, climbing vines, and foliage.
  • Occasions: This category includes holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving as well as birthdays and weddings, so these stamps lend themselves well to scrapbooking layouts.
  • Animals: There's a good deal of variety here, with depictions of dogs, fish, peacocks, butterflies, deer, bees, monkeys, owls, bears, and even corals.
  • Sentiments: These let you include written phrases relating to topics such as friendship, encouragement, and sympathy in your project.
  • Borders and scrolls: For crafts like scrapbooking or making cards, stamping the paper with these lets you frame and showcase content such as photos, journal entries, or handwritten messages.
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