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Hoyt Recurve Bows

Hoyt Recurve Bows

Widely used for both competitive and recreational archery target practice, recurve bows have a number of characteristics that make them a common choice for archery. They are considered to be an improvement without straying too far from traditional longbows. With benefits to both arrow speed and usability, these bows are an option for archers from the amateur to professional level.

What are the different types of archery bows?

There are a number of different designs for archery bows, and one of the common ones is the recurve. Other designs include the traditional longbow and the compound bow, each of which has their own unique characteristics.

  • Longbow: The original design, the longbow is made of a single piece of material in a curved shape, which enables the user to attach a string and use it to fire arrows.
  • Recurve: A variation on the original longbow design, these bows have curved tips at the end of the limbs that curve away from the archer.
  • Compound: This design makes use of different materials in order to make them light and strong.

What are some features of a Hoyt recurve bow?

Hoyts bows are designed to maximize the performance and usability of the bow. Their shape is meant to enable the bow to increase the energy stored by the limbs, which increases the speed of the arrow and makes it possible to use a shorter length and get comparable performance to other designs. Below is a little more information about these features of the Hoyt recurve bow:

  • Energy Efficiency: The design of this bow makes it possible for it to have higher efficiencies for storing and transferring energy to the arrow.
  • Arrow Speed: Because of the higher energy transfer capabilities, the arrows have greater kinetic energy and speed as they are fired.
  • Length: Because of the design of the Hoyt bow, archers can get a smaller size without sacrificing the performance they are used to having.

How do you pick the right size recurve bow?

These tips may help you size a bow. The first step is to find your draw length, which can be done by measuring the distance between your fingertips with your arms extended out to the sides, then dividing by 2 and a half. Now that you know your draw length, use that figure and a chart that compares the draw length to bow length. It is important to get a properly sized bow; otherwise, the draw weight and your accuracy will be off.

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