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Interior Car Radio Antennas

Interior automobile radio antennas are used to replace antennas on the exterior of a vehicle. They are protected from the outside elements and therefore have less of a chance of becoming damaged. Additionally, they can enhance the visual effect of the vehicle by removing an unsightly radio antenna mast from view. Made from a minimum amount of materials, they can be placed in a variety of locations inside the car to receive radio waves.

What are interior car radio antennas?

These types of antennas are hidden from view on the inside of an automobile. They connect directly to the radio in the car and may connect to a power supply via an attached cord. These antennas are specially designed to receive a radio signal from places like the following:

  • Glove box
  • Trunk
  • Behind or under a seat
  • Headliner
  • Console
How do car antennas work?

Radio waves from a transmitter pass through the air and over the antenna's mast to produce small electrical charges. This energy is sent to your automobile's radio and allows you to pick up the frequencies of AM and FM radio. The interior device must be moved to a spot that allows for the optimum reception to receive mostly FM radio stations.

What is the interior radio antenna made of?

The interior radio antenna is a thin steel tube because steel is electrically conductive. It has a cable to connect it to the radio and a power supply cord. It may have an adhesive or velcro strip to allow you to attach the device to a variety of interior surfaces, such as the inside of the windshield or under the dash.

What type of antennas should you use for AM signals?

Depending on the situation, a hidden car antenna may not be as strong as other types of antennas. Thus, picking up a strong AM radio signal may require the use of a booster. Typically, interior car antennas receive a stronger signal if the car is mostly made of fiberglass, but people have found places to connect the interior device in aged cars to get the signal they desire.

Can the exterior antenna be replaced with an interior one?

Exterior antennas, found on some models of cars, can be replaced by installing an interior antenna. Follow the instructions that come with your interior antenna to effectively remove the exterior one and replace the antenna, which will be hidden from view.