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Kangol Men's Hats

Kangol men’s hats feature durable materials as well as functional designs in a considerably expansive catalog. Golfers, soldiers, businessmen, or anyone can find a wide variety of colors, models, and sizes in textiles like wool and angora. These hats are designed for both casual and formal occasions.

What colors and sizes are available?

These Kangol hats are available in colors that range from neutral hues, such as navy, black, brown, olive green, white, and beige, to bold colors and patterns like bright blue plaid and red stripe. Depending on the specific line, various color options may be offered. A wide variety of textures are available as well. Most caps are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. However, some caps are one size fits all.

What men's hat styles are available from Kangol?

Beanies, bowler hats, pork pie hats, bucket hats, and cabbie hats are just a few of the silhouettes that are available by Kangol. Some of the specific hats that are available include the following:

  • The Panel 504 is a rib knit cap roughly in the silhouette of a seamless cabbie hat. Wool rayon yarn is utilized to craft the cap. This model is available in tobacco, black, and flannel colors.
  • The mohair beanie is a casual, slouchy knit hat with a folded cuff and thick rugby stripes in a combination of gray, white, and black or navy, white, and red. This hat is made with a wool-blended yarn.
  • The Litefelt blanket pork pie hat has a small brim with stitching and an indent at the crown. This hat is available in brown and black.
What materials are used to manufacture Kangol hats?

The provided materials will depend entirely on the type of hat and the seasons intended for wear. Autumn and winter caps are typically made from materials like wool, acrylic blends, Litefelt, or other warm textiles. Predictably, summer and spring styles vary in construction and materials.

How do you clean Kangol men’s hats?

Typically, the cleaning routine consists of utilizing a special brush used to make circles on the cap until it is clean. For most materials, soapy water is the necessary cleaning solution. Be sure to apply water lightly and scrub in a soft, deliberate fashion. Avoid putting your hats in the washer or dryer as the harsh spin cycles could ruin fabrics or cause the hat shapes to change.

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