Kids' Drawing & Painting Supplies

Sorting Through Kids' Drawing and Painting Supplies

Finding the right drawing and painting supplies for your kids can be lots of fun. You can either pick a random assortment of different types of colored pencils, watercolor paints, chalks, and crayons, or you can be selective and choose just one. It's never too early to introduce your kids to art. Here's a guide to choosing from the many varieties of kids' drawing and painting supplies that eBay offers.

What are the types of kids’ drawing and painting supplies?

Here are some supplies to consider to get your budding artist off to a good start:

  • Drawing pencils: A collection of pencils of different thicknesses can be a great beginning if your child is interested in drawing. You can teach him or her the difference between making thin lines versus making thick lines that are good for shading.
  • Colored pencils: Most children will want to color their drawings, and colored pencils are a great place to start. Handling colored pencils feels exactly like holding a regular pencil, so controlling the instrument shouldn't be a problem.
  • Chalk multi-pack: If you have a large board, drawing pictures on it is a fun way to spend a few hours. You can even play drawing games with your kids.
  • Watercolor paint: Once your child moves onto experimenting with paints, there are different types you can use. Watercolors are probably the easiest to start with as they come in great kits that offer as many as 50 different colors.
  • Acrylic or tempera paint: As both these options are water-based paints, they are good choices for children. You can spend an afternoon creating art and then simply wash your paint-stained hands and any dirty surfaces with soap and water when you're done.
Are supplies reasonably priced?

Since you're purchasing drawing and painting supplies for your kids, you'll probably want to keep to a budget. Deciding on a spending limit is important for two reasons. First, kids will probably go through these supplies fast. Second, it's inevitable that some supplies will scatter around the home and get lost.

eBay offers price categories to narrow your choices. These include a very affordable category, a moderate category, and a slightly pricier category. The most expensive category includes items like 200 Crayola crayons, washable sidewalk chalk, and washable markers.

Which kids’ drawing and painting supplies are washable?

eBay offers plenty of washable markers and paints as options. You can even find washable finger paint that is nontoxic.

Can you buy complete kits?

If you'd like to buy a little of everything so your kids can have a range to choose from, consider kits that combine crayons, markers, and colored pencils. There are even paint and chalk sets. These kits can let your children express themselves in various ways. Children can use art to explore colors, express emotions, and convey ideas.

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