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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Kodak 4x5 Film

If you have one of Kodak's large format cameras, 4x5 sheet film is an essential step in producing quality images. Before developing your large format photos, you'll want to consider what you should look for in sheet films, the different types available, and what type will be most beneficial to you.

What should you look for first?

Know what specifications to look for before you begin your search. If you are not already aware of the basic categories listed under large format film, reference the following list:

  • Film Format: Identify the format of the film. This is often listed in the product description. For the large format film, the film format should be 4x5 inches.
  • Brand: Make sure you have the right brand that you're looking for. This will also be listed in the product description. The brand should be listed as Kodak.
  • Film Speed: This is most important in determining the resolution or detail of your images. Film speed is a measure of sensitivity and its format varies, but it is often listed similar to "320 ISO."
  • Film Type: Do you want color in your images? Do you want the film to capture skin tones a certain way? Will it be adapted for scanning? The answer to these questions are found under film type.
  • Number of Sheets: Consider how many sheets you need to get your desired results. Common number of sheets per package are 10, 25, 50, and 100.
What are the types of sheet film that Kodak offers?

You will need a specific type of Kodak 4x5 film depending on what you plan to photograph. Large format cameras are uniquely equipped to capture images in a way that other cameras may not be equipped to capture. Likewise, choosing the film that complements the type of photography you specialize in will produce images with higher quality. Before choosing the first large format film you see, consider the following different types that Kodak offers:

  • Professional Portra 400
  • Professional Tri-X 320
  • Ektachrome E100SW Color Reversal
  • Ektar 100 Color Negative Print
  • Royal Pan Black and White
What type of sheet film should you use?

If you hope to produce black and white images, consider using Kodak's Royal Pan Black and White or Professional Tri-X 320 sheet film. Alternatively, if you aim to produce photography with vivid color and detail, Professional Portra 400 may be an ideal choice. The Kodak Ektar 100 sheet film line is another option for producing a high-quality resolution; it may be most suited for nature or landscape photography.