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Kohler Lawnmower Starters

Navigating the Many Kohler Starter Lawnmower Accessories Parts

A Kohler starter on a lawn mower will need to be replaced from time to time. You may also have the ability to upgrade your equipment. Identifying the model will help you explore the different parts available on eBay.

What are genuine parts?

Some parts will be identified as being "genuine." This means that the starter is designed specifically for Kohler. If you get a genuine part, you know that its of high quality because its the same as what was installed at the factory. There may also be various aftermarket brands that will produce parts that you need for your electric engine.

How is a starter installed?

A starter is installed by removing the existing one using basic tools. There will be some wires that need to be disconnected and then re-connected. If you have an owners manual for the lawn mower, it will walk you through the process. Otherwise, you will want to see if an eBay seller is offering a kit that includes an instruction manual to help you with the different steps involved.

Whats included with the starter?

In some instances, you can find a starter that offers a full kit. What you get in the kit will depend on what the eBay seller has to offer. New condition starters are more likely to have more parts included than used condition. This means you will have to read to see whats included to help you with the assembly and installation. Some of the parts that might come in kit are listed here:

  • Coil kits: These will help with the wiring.
  • Solenoid: The solenoid will help with an electric model to carry the current.
  • Starter rope: This will include the handle and the rope.
  • O-rings: Various o-rings may be included to help provide a better seal.
  • Instruction manual: Provides details on how to operate the starter as well as how to install it into your lawn mower.
Does the model matter?

When youre shopping for lawn mower parts, you have to consider the model that you have and also whether it is gas or electric. The eBay parts description should identify what models the particular starter will fit into.

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