KraftMaid Cabinets

KraftMaid Cabinets

KraftMaid cabinets are built-to-order kitchen cabinets that are designed and manufactured in the United States. KraftMaid has been in the cabinetry business since 1969 and offers more than 100 different finishes and materials for the kitchen. It uses a DuraKraft oven-baked finish on all of its cabinets, which preserves the original appearance of the finished cabinetry.

What is the KraftMaid Kitchen Cabinets DuraKraft process?

  • Wood selection: Materials from high-grade American hardwoods are selected for your cabinet. The wood is then dried in kilns. Afterward, the lumber is inspected by imaging equipment for strength and appearance.
  • Wood preparation: First, the wood is sanded with a sanding machine. The wood is then hand-sanded. A cleaning tool removes dust. Finally, joint sealant is applied to the wood.
  • Color treatment: The cabinets are hand-detailed. This is followed by three coats of catalyzed enamel on the door fronts and two coats on the backs. A hand-wiped stain is then applied to the kitchen cabinets.
  • Topcoat finish: The kitchen cabinets receive a two-layer topcoat. The first layer seals in the color and is oven-cured. The KraftMaid cabinets are then hand-polished with a second layer applied and oven-cured.

What are considerations for choosing KraftMaid kitchen cabinets for remodels?

The space, style, and design of the layout of the kitchen are the first considerations. The space is the size of the kitchen and the layout design is the arrangement of the appliances, storage areas, and the countertops. The pathway between these kitchen areas should also be considered.

Then, the size, style, type of wood, and design of the KraftMaid kitchen cabinets can be determined. Lastly, options for the finishing color or stain for the kitchen cabinets should be chosen for the remodel. Options for commonly used kitchen wooden materials are:

  • Alder is a softer hard wood and has a fine grain pattern.
  • Maple is a hardwood with a straight, curly, or wavy pattern.
  • Birch is also a hardwood with a straight, wavy or curly pattern.
  • Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with a thick pattern.
  • Hickory is a strong, hard wood with natural streaks.
  • Cherry has a smooth grain and rich color that deepens with age.

Common options for kitchen cabinet stains are:

  • Honey Spice is a medium tone of stain.
  • Praline is a warm tone and is darker than Honey Spice.
  • Kaffe is a warm, medium dark stain.
  • Peppercorn is a dark stain.
  • Natural is a clear stain.

Common options for kitchen cabinet colors are:

  • Canvas is a soft shade of white.
  • Dove White is also a soft shade of white.
  • Greyloft is a dark gray.
  • Pebble Grey is a light gray.
  • Mushroom is a creamy beige.

Proper care can ensure that your cabinets maintain their luster. Spot clean your cabinets as needed using a wood cleaner to remove spots and stains. Dust your Kraftmaid cabinets regularly to remove dust.

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