Labtec Computer Microphone

Labtec Computer Microphone

Labtec Inc. was a computer accessories manufacturer that specialized in sound and mic peripheral equipment for personal desktop computers and laptops. The accessories firm was started in Vancouver, Washington, in 1981. Logitech bought out the company in 2001 to expand its own line of audio offerings, and the brand has been reinvented the brand in the 21st century.

What are the different types of Labtec mics?

Labtec offers mic hardware configuration options that affects how the device is physically held in place. There is a version that is designed to be handheld whereas other designs are intended to attach to your PC monitor for hands-free use. Stand systems include pivoting and flexible booms. Head-mount systems are physically integrated with headphones.

Labtec mics are available in mono and stereo, analog and digital, and include options such as mute switches and noise cancellation.

The company has designed and marketed a range of mic peripherals over several decades. These include the following types of audio equipment:

  • Labtec Desk Mic 524 Desktop Multimedia Unidirectional Boom Microphones
  • Labtec AM-22 Cassette Handheld Microphones Without Stand
  • Labtec Verse-514 Desk Microphones 3.5-millimeter jack
  • Headset Boom Microphones mono 331
  • Labtec AM-22 Cassette Handheld Microphones Without Stand
  • Labtec Headphone Model LVA-8520
  • Labtec Verse-514 Desk Microphones 3.5-millimeter jack
  • Headset boom Microphones mono 331
What are some considerations in purchasing a Labtec mic?

Not all options apply to all products. Before purchasing, check the specs of the product to determine which options may apply. Verify that the audio range is appropriate for your intended use. If the product is a cable or comes equipped with cable, determine whether the length of the cable will suit your needs and whether the jack will connect with your machine.

How do you use a Labtec Mic 333?

The Labtec Mic 333 is a monitor-mounted microphone designed for internet chats, video conferencing, and multiplayer gaming. To use this mic will require the installation of the correct drivers. Check with the device manager in the operating system of your machine to ensure that the CPU recognizes the mic that is being installed. It is recommended that you ensure that software is up to date for the accessories installed on your machine so that system and hardware performance remain optimized.

Users with little or no experience in manually updating device drivers may wish to download a driver utility applicable to the operating system. This software tool will automatically select, download, and update your hardware drivers to the correct version.

How do you set up the sound on a mic?

Most computers and their native operating systems will not automatically detect a microphone when it is attached via the USB cable and port. You should similarly not expect the CPU to recognize any microphone that it interfaces with the sound card as new hardware. To fix issues, install the relevant microphone drivers and adjust the volume settings for the new equipment.

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