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Lakai Athletic Shoes for Men

Lakai Limited Footwear manufactures skate shoes. The brand has enjoyed endorsements from a number of leading professional skateboarders like Eric Koston. For skateboarding shoes or casual wear shoes, Lakai athletic shoes for men offers options like the Evo X Fully Flared, the Griffin, and the Bristol.

What styles of Lakai shoes are available?

Lakai shoes come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. A few of the styles you can find include:

  • Porter: These shoes come in a variety of colors, including gray and chocolate. They have uppers made from suede or canvas, and they have low-top silhouettes.
  • Riley Hawk: Available in black and white, these Lakai high-top skate shoes have a tough build for skateboarding enthusiasts. The shoes offer a Luxelite insole and a vulcanized outsole. The Riley Hawk logo is featured on the tongue of the shoe.
  • Griffin: This is a slight update on the Porter style that is available in both black and brown. There is the Griffin WT, the Mid WT, the child variety, and the XLK.
  • Fremont: This style comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, white, gray, lichen green, charcoal, and mahogany.
What features are available with these shoes?

Lakai shoes offer features like the LUX-LITE sock liner in their Flaco High shoes. Their uppers come in suede and canvas while their shoes have vulcanized outsoles. Some shoes also have a CO-BOUND ollie area for longevity. The Owen VLK offers a slip-on silhouette and suede uppers in various pastel colors. These shoes also have a stitched toe. Additional features are the foam midsole and upper, which are found in the Evo X Fully Flared shoe. The shoe comes with traction rubber outsoles and laces.

What materials do these shoes use?

There is a variety of materials Lakai uses to craft its footwear, including a proprietary material of their own. Some of the materials used to create Lakai footwear include:

  • Canvas: This material is typically made from cotton. It is used in a variety of applications for its rigidity, including as sails and tents.
  • Suede: Because of its unique properties, suede can only be made from certain animal hides. Generally, suede is usually made from deer, lamb, and goat, among others.
  • Flareknit: This is a proprietary material developed by Lakai. This multi-woven, one-piece material resembles mesh and comes in multiple colors.
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