Lambskin Condoms and Contraceptives

Condoms and contraceptives are a convenient way to prevent pregnancy and provide protection against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. They are small enough to keep in your wallet or clutch for immediate use, so you have one or two available when you go out or meet up. Here are five questions and answers about lambskin condoms and contraceptives.

What are the advantages of lambskin condoms?

Consider using lambskin if you are latex-sensitive or if you are interested in a material that renders heightened sensitivity. Lambskin condoms are thin, yet sturdy. They withstand the demands of activity without giving you the impression that you are wearing a condom. The sensation feels exactly like skin-to-skin, so you experience all the tactile stimulation you usually would if you were condom-free.

How do you keep your condom from slipping off?

Each brand of condom is different, but most brands now produce condoms with special bands that gently cling to the base of your shaft. These bands convey two benefits. They keep the condom in place, and they function as a ring, potentially helping you to remain engorged during activity. Trojan's version of this technology is called Kling-Tite.

What choices of enhanced texture are there?

You also might consider lambskin condoms that have ridges or raised dots. The ridges and dots give you a variable texture that delivers various contact stimulation to your partner as you both manipulate. Some versions even have a small to medium ball on the tip that adds another layer of contact while slightly extending the reach, and focus, of your shaft.

What size packs are there?

There are packs of all sizes, from three-condom packs to 100-condom packs. You also can find bundles of three-condom packs or bundles of other pack sizes. The smaller packs come in handy when you need something just for the night, whereas the larger quantities are ideal for your medicine cabinet stash, parties, safe sex seminars, sex ed, and adult party favors.

Can, and should, you use extra lubrication with lambskin condoms?

It depends entirely on you and your partner, or partners. Many brands are already lubricated and ready to use out of the package, but you may want to apply more lubricant for your partner's comfort and yours.

There is a rumor that lube destroys lambskin condoms, but this is false. Trojan NaturaLamb is compatible with any lube, as are many other brands. Lambskin condoms are also compatible with natural oils, some of which make very slippery lubricants, such as coconut oil.