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Land Rover Car and Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

Exterior trim and mouldings are stylish and functional. They protect your Land Rover from harsh weather and make the vehicle look more attractive. Nevertheless, you should know your choices before making upgrades to your car or truck.

What are the moulding and trim options for Land Rovers?

There are many types of components available to enhance the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. You’ll discover an assortment of options for the Land Rover’s windows, doors, and body. A few of the most favored options are listed below.

  • Window mouldings seal the glass to prevent debris from flying off the road and into your vehicle. They also keep rain and snow from entering.
  • Side vents give excess heat from under the hood a place to escape.
  • Hood vents bring an element of style and draw heat from sensitive areas.
  • The bumper trim complements the Land Rovers look and shields it against scrapes and dings. Options include bumper guards, strips, and sill plates.
  • Exterior door trim and mouldings defend different areas. Pillars run vertically along the window and protect against water infiltration. Edge moulding offers protection against dents and dings and keeps the doorway from sagging.
How do you choose Land Rover trims and mouldings?

Walk around your vehicle and look for areas that appear worn or damaged. Your observation should include cracks, bends, fading, and flaking. Decide which areas need immediate attention and select the correct part. Also, pay attention to the material as it will determine the parts longevity and appearance.

  • Rubber: Exterior components made from rubber seal gaps, prevent leaks, and minimize vibration. Usually, they are found in pieces made for the door’s edge and panels.
  • PVC: Generally, PVC materials are used around door and window frames. Like rubber, they seal areas to keep out debris, water, and other elements. However, PVC is lighter and harder than rubber.
  • Chrome-plated: These protective enhancements have a shiny finish and are corrosion-resistant. The base may include plastic, PVC, brass, or other materials.
  • Stainless Steel: You’ll find pillar posts for window frames and bumper plate covers made from automotive grade steel. The mirror finish adds to the vehicle’s aggressive profile and sporty design. It is strong as well as scratch, chip, and rust-resistant.
  • Carbon Fiber: This material instantly enhances your vehicle’s exterior. It is stronger, firmer, and lighter than steel. Typically, it is used to trim rocker panels, pillar posts, and the roof.
What should you consider when shopping for trim and mouldings?

Styles range from simple to sophisticated for Land Rover car and truck exterior mouldings and trim. Therefore, you should have an idea of the look you want before your search.

  • Vehicle-specific: Look for pieces that indicate the exact model of your Land Rover to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Mounting Method: Most parts come with an automotive-grade adhesive backing for quick installation. However, some parts may require hardware.
  • Location: Check the placement recommendation for the desired area. For example, a stiff piece designed for the sides may not adhere properly to the curves of a bumper.