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Louis Vuitton Shoes for Women

Louis Vuitton Womens Shoes

Louis Vuitton is a fashion house and luxury retail brand that makes purses, luggage, shoes, jewelry, watches, and sunglasses that are sold around the world. Vuittons Monogram canvas, with alternating brown and beige patterned squares, is known as "Damier" in French and was first introduced in 1889; it won a Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition, the same event which saw the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower. Damier shoes as well as footwear options with other patterns are available from this high-end brand.

What different shoes does Louis Vuitton make for women?

Louis Vuitton shoes usually have 140 to 150 styles each season, including boots, pumps, flat shoes, sandals, and casual shoes, like mules and sneakers. Louis Vuitton styles vary from season to season; however, those seasonal style options also vary by color, heel, toe shape, and height. You will also notice that the shoe styles offered differ by named collections or by labeled special editions.

What pumps are made by Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuittons trademarked Damier monogram print adorns a number of womens pumps, including pointed and round-toe spike platform heels, stiletto heel spectators, and mid-heel spectator pumps, which also come in red and black. Patent leather pumps with pointed or blunt toes include gold accents and stiletto heels. They are available in noir, rouge, nude, and bordeaux leather, which is a dark red. Customers may search for low- to mid-heel pumps with chunky or kitten heels. The brands pointed-toe pumps feature leather finishes. You can also find the monogram canvas, LV circle adornments, and other metal logo and initial adornments on the pumps.

Which boot styles can you find from Vuitton?

The company makes sleek, black, classic riding boots. The Star Trail family of ankle boots includes lace-up styles, slip-on styles with side elastics, several variations of the monogram canvas, and fur ornaments. Ranger and Spaceship desert boots offer functional comfort and runway fashion styling. The Louis Vuitton Limitless line includes colored elastic inserts and combines biker and Chelsea boot styling.

Does Louis Vuitton make casual shoes?

LV makes several casual sandals and mules, including the Lock It flat mule in the onogram canvas, beige fur, and black leather options. The Kyoto sandal in red leather is a collaboration with designer Kansai Yamamoto and includes the monogram design blended with Yamamotos designs. Yamamotos designs are also available on a casual sneaker. Silver and white Spaceship sneakers offer comfort and style.

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