Mercedes-Benz Car & Truck Wheel Center Caps

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Mercedes-Benz Car and Truck Wheel Center Caps

Whether it’s missing or just a bit dinged, a center cap is easy to replace, and you can choose OEM or aftermarket brands for your Mercedes-Benz. A few minutes of detective work will tell you exactly which Mercedes Benz wheel center caps replacement parts are a perfect match.

Why should you replace center caps on your Mercedes-Benz?

These small pieces of carbon fiber actually have a job to do. They help shield the wheel bearings and the hub nut from all the dirt, water, and grime that splatters up from the road.

Besides keeping things clean, the center caps also give the vehicle a sharp, finished look. Having a missing center cap can make your car look poorly cared for, which is probably not the image you want for your vehicle.

Are Mercedes-Benz center caps universal?

There are several different styles of center caps for the Mercedes-Benz, depending on the model year and trim package. To be sure you’re getting the correct OEM part for your particular car, truck, or van, you need the part number.

The part number is found on the back of the wheel center caps, so you’ll need to remove one from the wheel. You’ll find a group of letters and numbers that you can use to verify which replacement part is the right one.

What are the differences between Mercedes-Benz center caps?
  • Size: Almost all Mercedes-Benz center caps are 2.875 inches in diameter. A couple of exceptions are the caps for the Metris and Sprinter vans. They are much larger, at 7.5 and 9 inches.
  • Style: Most of the Mercedes-Benz caps are round with the star emblem in the middle. The star is raised on most caps, and some have a raised rim. The most notable exception to this is the AMG trim package. The center caps included with this package have the AMG emblem instead of the star.
  • Color: Mercedes-Benz OEM center caps are some combination of black, silver, chrome, and dark blue. The background is often silver or black, with a chrome emblem. Some caps are all chrome, and the Metris and Sprinter van caps are all black. The caps that include blue typically have a blue background, a chrome star, and silver Mercedes-Benz lettering around the perimeter.
How do you replace Mercedes-Benz center caps?

Most models of Mercedes-Benz have caps that are designed to be pushed out from the back. This means you’ll have to remove the wheels to remove the caps. If all you need to do is replace a missing cap, you won’t have to take off the wheel.

When the wheel has been removed from the car, use a long tool, like the handle of a hammer, to gently punch it out from behind. The cap is held in by plastic tabs that hold strongly, but they can break if you’re too rough, so use force judiciously.

To replace the center cap, just put it into place and give it a sharp push. It should click right into place.