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Microsoft Computer Webcams

If you find yourself in need of a quality webcam, there are a variety of products made specifically for Microsoft computers. You can choose from available models to find the input, pixels, and focus strength that best suit your purposes. When you need a new webcam, consider the options and features you need to stream clearly and efficiently.

What are the differences between the LifeCam VX models?

The VX models are designed for desktop computers instead of laptops, and there are small variations between them, such as:

  • Video types: Differences include the VGA style of the VX3000 and the HD of the VX6000. If using the 6000 model, make sure your monitor has HD capability.
  • Megapixel capability: The VX6000 features up to 5.0 megapixels, while the 7000 has two, and the 3000 has 1.5.
  • Lens angles: If you need a widescreen lens angle, you will want to check for this capability. The primary model that includes this is the 6000.
  • Focus adjustment: Do you want automatic face tracking, or are you willing to manually focus the video on the faces? Pick your hardware and Windows software model accordingly.
What are the connectivity requirements?

In addition to wireless models, there are models that can use USB 1.0, 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0. You will want to check your Windows PC for its USB capabilities before selecting your Microsoft LifeCam. If you are unsure how to check, start by opening up the Device Manager, then clicking on the plus sign next to Universal Serial Bus. Some models also allow connectivity via Ethernet and Firewire.

What are the photo resolutions of the HD models?

If your Windows webcam and software are capable of high definition, you will be filming in resolutions larger than 600 by 600 pixels at 300 dpi. Most high-resolution monitors can handle dpi levels of 120, 96, and 72. If the LifeCam HD-3000 has a dpi capability that differs from your computers, you will need to find a compatible desktop or LifeCam model.

What are possible uses of a Microsoft camera?

You may want to determine the maximum strength microphone your video camera is compatible with, as you can use it for a variety of programs, including Skype. Applications include MMO games, security monitoring, and video conferences with your business. Other developments include using the "eye" or sensor of the equipment to control other Windows accessories, such as a printer. This application may work well for those with additional accessibility needs.

How do you install your Microsoft webcam?
  • Clip-on: Many models will include a clip for attaching the video camera to the top of your computer. This makes it simple to adjust the view.
  • Adhesive: If you dont have a clip, consider using an adhesive to securely attach the device to your desk or monitor.
  • Wall installation: If your desk is facing a wall, consider attaching the web camera to the wall or other secure spot nearby.
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