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Molnija Pocket Watches

The classic men’s watch is the pocket watch. The watches used to be a must-have men's accessory. As it always happens, fashion gave way to utility. Even though pocket watches may not be as handy as most wristwatches, they possess their own vintage appeal and offer a fashionable way of keeping time. There still remains a class of people who naturally dislike wearing wristwatches and instead carry them in their pockets. If you are one those people, a Molnija pocket watch may be exactly what you need.

Molnija is one of the world's leading producers of mechanical watches. Founded in 1947, the Russian company was in operation for almost sixty years. Although production ceased in 2007, today there still new Molnija watches available on the market.

What Makes Molnija Watches Stand Out?

  • An impressive eighty percent of the work on most of the watches is done by hand. This has not only made Molnija pocket watches unique but also durable.
  • The watches feature authentic mechanical movements typical of most luxury watches. Furthermore, their designs feature ruby jewels, making them even more impressive. Ruby is an attractive gemstone and is preferred when designing low friction bearing. Depending on the model, Molnija pocket watches spot between 15 and 18 rubies.
  • In addition, the watches come with an impressive chrome-plated stainless steel chain with swivel fobs and clasps.

What Options are Available?

There is a huge selection of models including Soviet-era vintage designs. The most popular options include:

  • Imperial Molnija pocket watch: This is a model Russian Molnija watch featuring a design by Pavel Bure, a watchmaker to Alexander III. Designed with 15 ruby jewels, the pocket watch embodies the best of mechanical movement craftsmanship.
  • Biker Molnija: This particular model features a motorcycle imprint on the front cover. The back side doesn't disappoint either and is covered with symbols and slogans popular with bikers around the world.
  • Empire Molnija pocket watch: Genuine movement with 15 ruby jewels. Authentic Molnija pocket watch made in Russia features the Russian Empire's coat of arms. Opening the cover plays the Old "God Save the Tsar!" anthem. Like most Molnija pocket watches, this Soviet-era model comes with a chrome-plated stainless steel chain and a swivel fob.
  • Moscow Molnija pocket watch: Like most Molnija watches, this Moscow model features top quality mechanical movement. Russia's coat of arms covers the front, while the reverse displays the Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Tower of the Kremlin. In addition, it features the "Gold Domed Moscow" inscription in Russian.
  • KGB Molnija pocket watch: The Soviet Ministry of the Interior's coat of arms adorns the front cover. The back cover features the Kremlin buildings.
  • Star of David Molnija pocket watch: The watch features a cool classic design and the Star of David the front cover, with the back displaying the menorah. This vintage watch features 15 ruby jewels and comes with chrome-plated stainless steel chain with a swivel clasp.

Molnija watches are robust, good quality watches that have stood the test of time. Fashioning an admirable pocket watch can distinguish you. The brand has a wide range of designs to choose from, and there is always something for every pocket watch lover.