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Bring Home a New Sound with Monitor Home Audio Systems

The Monitor Audio Silver series of speakers could be just what you need for a great house party or home entertainment system. Many of the systems come equipped with a thumping bass that accompanies the mid-frequencies and high-frequencies. Another great feature of these speakers is that they come in a variety of sizes on eBay to suit your personal needs.

Which speakers are in the Monitor Audio Silver line?

The Monitor Audio Silver line of products are built from rugged and durable materials. You can expect your new speakers to give you clear sounds no matter where you are in the room or the speaker's location. If you have a large home or a studio apartment, there is a speaker system for you. The types of new and gently used speakers you can find on eBay may include:

  • Bookshelf
  • Center Channel
  • Floor-Standing Tower
  • Subwoofers
  • Surround/Satellite
What configurations and speaker designs are on eBay?

Many new and used speaker systems are configured with a single speaker or the 2.0 system. The 2.0 system is a little larger and has more output than the typical single speaker system.

The Monitor Audio Silver products also come in two-way and three-way designs. The two-way system has two different speakers and the three-way has three speakers. Both have the tweeter and the woofer, but the three-way has the additional mid-range component. This adds more range and can create more accurate sounds by making the high and low sounds.

Which audio inputs do these speakers accept?

The great thing about all of the speakers is that they are quite standard. Most of the technology that fits the Monitor Audio Silver products are easily accessible. The two main types of connections are the banana or raw cable jacks. It is important to always read the listing carefully to ensure that the speakers you buy will fit your system accordingly.

Are there different styles of speakers to choose from?

The simple answer is yes. You can choose from the typical black casing, but you also have some more luxurious options. Some of the speakers have been added to a variety of different wood cabinets. The Monitor Audio Silver speakers can also be purchased alone. This will give you the opportunity to add them to a case that you already own. Every speaker is made out of sturdy and long-lasting materials.

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