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What You Need to Know About 300 Mbps NETGEAR Wireless Routers

One of the fastest and most convenient ways of connecting to the internet is through a wireless connection. Most portable computing devices, like tablets and smartphones, have the ability to connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. This Wi-Fi network is created and carried through a wireless router.

What does a wireless router do?

A wireless router can function with a wired area network, a wireless local area network (LAN), or a mix of wired and wireless connections. This depends on the model of router you choose and the computing equipment you need to connect.

What is a LAN?

A LAN is a computer network that links two or more computers through a Wi-Fi network in a localized area, such as a building, home network, or school. LAN ports are also found on the router for those devices that need to be connected directly. The most common number of LAN ports is four, but they can range from one to eight. The LAN ports have maximum data transfer rates that the manufacturer's website can detail for you. Different data transfer rates available are:

  • 10 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 Gbps
  • 10 Gbps
What are features of the Netgear N300 WiFi Router?

Different features are:

  • 3G Network: Can access the internet through a 3G cellular network.
  • 4G Network: Can access the internet through a 3G cellular network.
  • ADSL: Asymmetric digital subscriber line. Enables rapid data transmission through copper telephone lines.
  • Dual Band: Allows the Netgear N300 Wireless Router to function at two different frequency channels.
  • Gaming: Routers that have settings for maintaining a solid connection for internet gaming.
  • VPN Capability: Virtual private network is a public internet that enables the device to use public networks as if they are connected to a private network.
  • Parental controls: Parental control allows you to put a certain limit to which sites your children can and cannot access.
What is a portable Netgear N300 router?

Smaller versions of the N300 router are available and they can be used when traveling or outside of publicly available W-Fi networks. They can be powered by a typical electric outlet or connected to a device with a USB port to a laptop. External antennas may be available to increase the connection signal.

What area does a router cover?

When purchasing a router, consider how big the area is where you are going to want a wireless signal. Routers with stronger signals allow higher speed connections from greater distances and more reliable connectivity. The antenna technology generally determines the strength of the Wi-Fi signal strength and range, as well as the wireless channel options available through the router. Check the manufacturer's website for specific router details.