NVIDIA 64MB Computer Graphics and Video Cards Buyer's Guide

NVIDIA is one of the largest manufacturers of graphics cards for computers in the world. Their large selection of 64MB cards contains an array of models with different features and performance specs. Before buying a new card for your Windows or other computer, you have to understand not only how the card itself will perform but also what you will need to get it to function with the rest of your gear.

What levels of power are available from NVIDIA?

The company divides their 64MB cards into four main categories: casual gaming, light gaming, serious gaming, and graphic design. Casual gaming and light gaming don't require much in the way of power because their graphical demands are low. On the other hand, serious gaming takes much more computing power. Depending on the card you get, you may need to make choices about your games' graphical settings. Top-tier cards are always geared to run contemporary games releases at maximum settings with the right support from the CPU and cooling system. Graphic design is also power-intensive, though in a different way. Rather than displaying and interacting with a game environment, design requires rendering 2D or 3D images and video, which is a long, challenging process.

What kinds of slot connectors are available?

All NVIDIA graphics cards and video cards have a designated slot that defines how they connect to your motherboard. You’ll need the video card and the motherboard to have compatible slots or else you will not be able to use the video card at all. The options for 64MB models are:

  • AGP 4x
  • AGP8x
  • PCI
  • PCI Express x16,
  • PCI Express 2.0

Be sure to look up your motherboard’s specifications before getting an NVIDIA video card to ensure that you get a compatible model. Subsequent generations of graphics card chipsets tend to demand new connectors to accommodate innovations in speed and power usage.

What models of NVIDIA 64MB graphics card are available?

There are five major models in this range and at this level of RAM memory. They are divided into two different lines, NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA Quadro. GeForce models are built for gaming and consumer use while Quadro units are designed for professional use like design and industrial modeling. Each model differs in its processing power, special features, construction, or micro-architecture. The list of models includes:

  • NVIDIA GeForce 210
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 440
  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280
  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285
  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 400