Office Binding Machines

Whether you want to make a leaflet, pamphlet, or professional-looking report, an office binding machine can get the job done. These machines are a great asset when it comes to managing paperwork in the office.

What are the different types of binding methods?
  • Resin steelbinding: This method uses an automated heat compartment to quickly bind several leaflets at the same time. Since the steel spine behind the cover makes the paper edges sink into the molten resin, it can create very strong binds.
  • Punch steelbinding: This is a wire binding system suited for thick, non-flexible paper that needs to be laid down flatly. The binder requires no maintenance, and the detachable binding mechanism can handle any leaflet format.
  • Staple steelbinding: Usually recommended for use at home, this method binds your prints using a stapler, after which you place the bundle in a staple steelbinding cover.
  • Smart steelbinding: This system eliminates the need for equipment thanks to its set of self-adhesive pre-bound strips that are easily attachable to bind the prints.
What are the different types of binding styles?
  • Plastic comb binding: This option makes use of plastic combs that can accommodate up to 425 pages. Since the pages will lay flat when opened, it will be easy to read and photocopy the document.
  • Thermal binding: The heat inside the machine causes the adhesive to melt and secure the pages. This style can be used for leaflets having up to 500 pages.
  • Spiral binding: Here, the coils are inserted through holes punched in the leaflet. This is mainly used for binding marketing materials or reports.
What should you consider when buying a binding machine?

Since there are so many binding machine options, choosing one that suits your office may seem like an uphill task. Before you make a decision, consider the following factors:

  • Documents for the customer: If the documents are being sent to customers, then the wire binding or bindomatic will help take your proposal or leaflet to the next level by giving it a professional look.
  • The quantity of documents: Flexibility and productivity are crucial factors when it comes to binding high volumes of leaflets or when a fast turnaround is needed. The right type of machine, such as the electric punch product, will help you complete the task quickly and also save on man-hour costs.
  • Editing your bound leaflets: For some industries, such as accounting, editing bound leaflets is unavoidable. In such cases, thermal and comb binding is recommended since their accessories can be reused.
  • The thickness of your leaflets: Most machines are limited to handling leaflets containing 150 sheets due to the wire ring being a limited size. When you're making thicker leaflets, consider purchasing a machine that has a pitch of 2:1.