Optical Fiber Single-Mode Cables

Optical Fiber Single-Mode Cables

Optical fiber single-mode cables are useful for a wide array of applications from long-distance telecommunication to high-speed data connection within different areas of a single building. These fiber optic cables are available from a variety of brands, including Leviton, Tripp Lite, Corning, Panduit, and CommScope. There are also several different types of cables to select from, including duplex and simplex cables.

How long are these fiber optic cables?

When you are selecting one of these items, they are available to you in many different lengths, allowing you to choose one without needing to rearrange your equipment. Many of these fiber optic cables extend to 1 to 4 feet, although the most common span is around 5 to 25 feet in length. Since these fiber optic cables can be used for a wide range of different implementations and are designed to fit into walls and between different rooms, bulk fiber optic cables are available that extend up to 5,000 feet. To reach these distances, the cables are available in large spools.

What are the different fiber cable types?
  • Duplex: These consist of two strands of plastic fiber or glass to use for duplex communication between two devices where an additional receive line and transmit are necessary. These are used for construction equipment and can be used for any form of bi-directional data transfer.
  • Multi-strand: These types of optical fiber cables are comprised of many fiber cables and are used by companies that want to expand to a higher signal strength on their networks.
  • Simplex: This type of fiber cable is comprised of a single strand of glass or plastic fiber and is employed in instances where a single receive line or transmit is all that is required between devices, which means that the data flows in one direction.
Which connector B types do these cables come with?

When you are selecting an optical fiber cable, there are several different connections that the device can be used for, the majority of which are compatible with LC and SC connections. LC connectors consist of 1.25mm ferrules and can be used for a wide array of different single-mode implementations. SC connectors are 2.5mm in size and are meant to be used in telephony and data communication environments. Additional connector B types available to you with these items include FC, MTR-J, and ST.

Which applications can these cables be used for?

These fiber optic cables can be used for many different applications within workplace environments. For instance, duplex models are designed to be used for simultaneous data transfer in two directions, which means that they are placed in workstations, servers, and Ethernet switches. Single-mode fiber optic cables are mainly used for telecommunication purposes and high-speed internet connections in business properties.