Other Automotive Care & Detailing

Other Automotive Care Detailing

Automotive detailing is an important part of long-term automotive maintenance. Routine vacuuming and car washing will help rid your vehicle of most dirt and grime. However, for a truly clean auto, especially one you intend to sell, detailing is a must.

What is detailing?

Detailing is the process of deep-cleaning, restoring, and polishing the inside or the outside of your auto. Detailing generally falls into two categories: interior and exterior.

  • Interior: In an inside detail, you thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle. Upholstery and carpets may be steam-cleaned and shampooed, and you may want to clean and polish all inside surfaces of the auto.
  • Exterior: Shampoo and polish all visible surfaces of the auto, including the paint, rims, wheels, trim, and window glass. You typically give the paint on the car a clay bar treatment to remove contaminants.
What supplies do you need to detail your car?

The supplies you will need will largely depend on the condition of your automobile, your goals, and your own definition of an ideal detail. However, there are some crucial supplies beyond a vacuum that almost every automotive detailer requires.

  • Outside cleaning and polishing: Automobile wash soap specifically manufactured for vehicle finishes, clay, bug and tar remover, wax, and polishes designed to be used with vehicular paint are crucial to preserving your automobiles appearance.
  • Cleaning tools: An automotive polisher drill with polishing sponges and buffer pads, brushes for scrubbing rims, a headlight restoration kit, and a squeegee are all basic tools you will need for your vehicles inside and out.
  • Inside neatness and polishing: Steam upholstery liquid, leather cleaner, glass cleaner, and carpet cleaner will take care of most of the issues on the inside of the vehicle. Polishes for plastic surfaces will make them shine.
  • Cleaning tools: Microfiber cloths, small automotive brushes for scrubbing vents and intakes, and fine-tool attachments for the cleaner to get into deep crevices are crucial tools for the cars inside.
Why should you detail your car yourself?

There is no doubt that a reliable automotive detail professional can do an outstanding job repairing and restoring your auto inside and out. However, detailing can largely be done by non-professionals with the correct tools. There are some advantages, including:

  • Precision: You can spend as much time as you wish in polishing, waxing, and restoring your car to as-new condition. You can go over trouble spots in a thorough car wash.
  • Frequency: You can detail your car on your own schedule without having to make an appointment or check availability.