Motorcycle Accessories for Indian

An American brand dating back to 1901, the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, now owned and operated by Polaris, is known for building motorcycles with a classic style and distinctive look. Many owners of Indian Motorcycles or even other brands, such as Harley, take pleasure in adding Indian brand motorcycle accessories to their bikes. With a wide variety of accessories to choose from, including vintage accessories, you can outfit your bike in style.

What is the history of the Indian motorcycle’s guardian bell?

Guardian bells, also known as gremlin bells, have a long history in motorcycling and have numerous legends attached to them. Most commonly, guardian bells are said to ward off the gremlins or evil road spirits that try to attach themselves to a motorcycle traveling down the road. The bells either frighten the gremlins away, keeping them off the motorcycle, in one version of the legend. Another version of the legend states that the bells entice the gremlins to come closer until they are perched at a difficult spot and lose their balance, falling off the bike and causing a bump or pothole in the road.

Indian brand guardian bells feature a noble Indian wearing a full headdress on the side of the bell and offer a motorcyclist both the classic Indian brand style while offering the legend and history of a gremlin or guardian bell. These unique items make great gifts for first time motorcycle owners, Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, and collectors of Americana.

How do you install Indian leather floorboard trim?

Leather floorboard trim from Indian integrates with other motorcycle accessories for Indian motorcycles and gives a classic finished look to your bike. Installation is simple given the factory prepared installation mounting holes on the floorboards of your motorcycle. Line up the leather floorboard trim with the mounting holes and attach by the studs.

Leather trim, as well as other leather accessories for Indian motorcycles, requires care and conditioning to maintain suppleness and optimum appearance. Be sure to clean and care for your leather accessories on a regular maintenance schedule.

What are the sizes of Indian motorcycle covers?

As a means of keeping your Indian motorcycle safe from dust and grime, and to create a barrier of protection against rain, ice, and other weather when parked outside, the Indian brand designs and manufactures covers in different sizes and configurations, including:

  • Full covers: These are designed to snap onto the saddlebags of your Indian motorcycle and give your ride the most protection to your bike. Full covers are made of lightweight polyester for easy storage.
  • Half cover: This cover gives protection to your saddlebags and seat across the back half of your motorcycle. This cover is a nice option for keeping your seat dry and protecting the seat cover from damaging sunlight and UV.