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Ozark Trail Portable Camping Showers and Accessories

Ozark Trail is a brand of camping equipment owned by Walmart. This brand produces a variety of outdoor equipment, including outdoor showers. There is a variety of outdoor equipment available for Ozark Trail showers.

What is a portable camping shower?

A portable outdoor shower is a type of bathing equipment that you can use while camping and exploring nature. These devices can be packed down into a portable size when they are not in use, and some models offer privacy.

What types of portable camping showers are available?

There are a couple of products that can be used to shower outdoors.

  • Solar showers: These devices are used to heat up water by capturing the power of the sun. They consist of a black or dark-colored bag. This bag has a nozzle on the end and a cap on the top. There is a handle on the top of the bag, and a string is tied around the handle. After taking off the cap on the top, water is poured in through the central top hole. This bathing device is then left out in the sun. As the sun's rays strike the bag, the contents begin to heat up. When it is time to use the shower, it should be hung from a suitable area with the string. Water is then extruded from the nozzle at the bottom.
  • Shower tents: These camping accessories are similar to normal tents. They are set up similarly, but they are taller than the average tent. Shower tents made by this brand have two rooms. One room is used for changing, and it is sealed off from the other room. The other area is used for bathing. An external water source can be fed into this room, or a solar shower bag can be hung from a pole. These tents can be set up to collect used water or automatically drain water from a hole at the bottom.
How do you set up a portable camping shower?

Once you have acquired all the gear that you need to bathe on your outdoor adventure, follow these steps to set up your portable shower.

  • Take your bathing tent out of its protective bag. Follow the instructions that came with your tent. This process involves connecting various fiberglass poles.
  • If you are using an external water source, connect it to the bathing tent. Otherwise, connect your solar shower module.
  • To help your solar bathing gear reach optimum temperature, leave it out in the sun for at least an hour. Then hang your solar bathing device from the ceiling of your bathing tent.