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How to Choose Pentax Slip-On Camera Lens Caps

Camera lenses may become dirty or scratched if they are exposed to dust or other debris. Pentax slip-on camera lens caps offer protection for the camera's lenses. These caps are available in a range of sizes and styles.

What are the available sizes of Pentax lens caps?

Pentax lens caps are available in different sizes. The measurements refer to the depth and width of the cover. Some of the caps simply have one measurement, which refers to the size of lens that it will fit. The covers are available in sizes ranging from 28 millimeters to 85 millimeters. If you are unsure of which size to choose for your lenses, rotate the optical glass around and look at its housing. The size should be printed on it. Another option is to use a ruler that gives measurements in millimeters. Use a piece of string and hold it across the center of the glass. Use the ruler to measure the length of the string that covers the diameter of the glass.

What are the types of slip-on lens caps?

Pentax manufactures front and rear lens caps. The front cover for the lenses protect the front side of the lens glass. They may be attached to the lens when it is on the camera and the camera is not in use or when the lens is not on the camera. The rear lens cap covers the back side of the glass when the lens is not attached to your camera.

What types of materials are the lens caps made from?
  • Plastic: Plastic is an available material for this brand of lens cap.
  • Stainless steel: The front or back lens covers may be made from stainless steel.
  • Powder-coated steel: The lens covers may be made from powder-coated steel. The powder coating may be black or silver in color. Some of the lens covers have a contrasting color for the brand's name and logo.
Which camera brands are compatible with the lens caps?

These slip-on lens caps are compatible with different brands of photography equipment. There are caps that work for lenses made by Takumar, Asahi, Honeywell, and Nikon cameras. Some of the front caps and back caps offer compatibility with multiple brands of photography equipment.

What are some features of the lens covers?
  • Logo: The brand's logo may be imprinted onto the center of the cover.
  • Rippled edge: The side of the cap may have ripples for maintaining a grip when putting on or taking off the lens cover.
  • Threading: The interior side of the lens cover may be threaded in order to form a seal around the lens.
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