Protect your Camera With a Padded Backpack

A durable, padded camera backpack is a must for your camera essentials when you are on the go. They may include features such as different compartments with zip pockets for housing your various photography supplies or other features such as shoulder straps or drawstrings. These additions make a camera daypack essential for when your photography needs have you traveling or bringing lots of gear.

What materials are used to make padded camera backpacks?

Padded camera backpacks are made from a variety of different materials, including canvas, leather, neoprene, nylon, and polyester:

  • Canvas: This is an eco-friendly material that is similar to cotton in construction, although slightly thicker.
  • Leather backpacks: These backpacks can typically be conditioned periodically to guard against staining and spills. The leather is designed to soften over time.
  • Man-made materials: Neoprene, nylon, and polyester are all man-made materials that are naturally water-resistant. This can help to keep materials dry if you plan to utilize the padded camera backpack outside in moist weather.
What colors are available for a padded camera backpack?

Padded camera backpacks are available in a variety of different colors, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, and red. Many styles are a single color while some designs include multiple colors. Closure components on bags including fasteners, handles, and zippers may be a different color than the primary fabric.

What are some standard features of padded camera backpacks?

Generally, padded camera backpacks open via a zipper that wraps all the way around the sides and top of the bag. There are typically compartments for a host of different camera supplies, which fit neatly inside. Depending on your particular equipment, you might put things in different spots and play with the placement of your equipment until you figure out what works most effectively. The number of handles on the outside of the bag varies depending on the particular design.

How do you care for a padded camera backpack?

Refer to the manufacturer care tag for specific care instructions. If the padded camera backpack can be machine-washed, turn it inside out and fasten any and all closures including zippers, buckles, snaps, and flaps. Use gentle soap and cool water to wash the bag. Once it is clean, remove it from the washer, shape it with your fingers, and leave it to air dry in a well-ventilated area. If you need the bag to dry quickly, you might consider stuffing it with newspaper. Avoid using heat to dry or iron the bag.

If you need to use stain remover on the padded camera backpack, test it in a small area out of plain sight. After applying the remover, wait several hours and then check to make sure no discoloration occurred. If it did not, feel free to pretreat the bag before washing it the next time.