Padded Camera Hard Cases

Padded Cases to Protect Your Cameras

A selection of padded hard cases for cameras and equipment is available in several different styles and designs. Cases vary with respect to their protective features and different interior designs, including some which utilize foam. Cases are designed to be transported in different ways including cases that are made with wheels and others that are designed for users to carry.

What are some of the materials used to make cases?

Cases include several different materials of construction, with some offering foam in their packages while others do not. Shells of the hard cases offered are comprised of plastic and a variety of polymers. For example, the Black SKB Case with Foam is comprised of a polypropylene shell. The hinge of the case is molded and the grip of the case handle features rubber for the purpose of grip. Sony and Seahorse also have products utilizing plastic in their designs. Several of these products incorporate rubber grips as well for the purpose of making the case easier for a user to carry, including the Pelican 1450 NF Case. Some of the cases offered feature stainless steel and padlock protection in their designs. Plastic nameplates are also offered, with select cases like the Black Pelican 1650 NF Case.

What are some of the protective features offered?

Cases offered include a variety of protective features to handle different conditions, including weight exposure, weather, dust, and debris. The Pelican 1450 NF Case is designed to be water-, weight-, and dust-resistant. Several of the cases feature pressure equalization for the purpose of maintaining interior pressure of the hard case and resisting water. In addition, some cases provide resistance to corrosion and solvents. One example of a case providing this type of resistance is the SKB 3i-Series Black Case. The case also features foam, which can be cut into sections in order to fit varying pieces of equipment inside of the case.

Do some of the products offered feature dividers?

In addition to hard cases that come with foam, several cases feature padded dividers built into their designs. One example of this design is the Pelican 1510. The case features a computer pouch and several interior soft dividers for the purpose of storing different items. This particular case features wheels. Carrying cases are also available with dividers, including the Pelican 1605 Air Case.

What are some of the colors used in designs?

Design colors vary between individual models. Solid colors are used in the bodies of the cases that are featured. Components on the inside of cases may be different colors than the exterior. Some of the available exterior colors are:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Orange