Peru Coins

Appreciate the Rich History of Peru Coins

Peru is a country that dates back to 1821, and over the course of its fascinating history, the nation has minted many coins in Lima, the countrys capital. The right Peru coin can be used to commemorate an important event or add to an impressive silver coin collection.

How can you tell if Peruvian coins are used?

The majority of these older Lima coins will be items that were in circulation. You may notice that wear may make the coin look smoother or slightly discolored. If you prefer coins that have not been used, check the sellers listing on eBay carefully. If they say it is uncirculated, this means that the coin has not been used since it came from the Lima mint. This means it has not been subjected to the daily wear and tear of being used as currency.

What values do Peruvian coins come in?

Over the years there have been many different denominations of Peruvian coins. There have been four main types of currency used in Peru.

  • Real: The real was the first currency of Peru, and it was initially minted by the Spanish during colonial times.
  • Sol: When Peru got its independence, soles were used between 1863 and 1985.
  • Inti: Most inti were banknotes, but some came in the form of centimos coins.
  • Nuevo Sol: This is the current Peruvian currency. It is similar to the soles but slightly updated.
What are Peruvian coins made from?

The exact composition of a coin minted in Lima will depend on its value. The Peruvian government has used these metals to create their coins:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc

The amount of silver, gold, or other metal will depend on the coin.

What images can be found on these coins?

The images on the front and back sides of the coins can be difficult to see if the coin is very old and worn, but you can still see the images on new coins fairly well. Depending on the denomination you purchase, you may find images such as:

  • Coat of arms: Coat of arms and logos for the Reserva del Peru in Lima and other government institutions frequently appear.
  • Peruvian history: Historical sites, national animals, geoglyphs, and Incan symbols can show up on some coins.
  • Notable figures: Famous military and government officials are occasionally used.
  • Symbolic images: Personifications of liberty, laurel wreaths, and other symbolic figures sometimes appear on coins.
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