Peter Stone Model Horses

Collectible Peter Stone Horses

Peter Stone horse models are designed by Peter Stone, who is the son of the founder of Americas first model horse company. Following the family tradition of hand-crafted, hand-painted mare model making, the collectible model company was founded by Peter and his wife Elaine and is located in Shipshewana, Indiana. The companys horses, including artistic recreations of living animals and imaginative fantasy animals such as unicorns, are made from cellulose acetate resins or similar materials and are molded, shaped, and carved by hand.

What types of model horses does Peter Stone make?

Peter Stone makes a number of different model horses, including the design-a-horse line, portrait line, weanlings, yearlings, and ponies. Models are also available for many different horse breeds.

Are signed Peter Stone model horses available?

Horses may have Peters signatures or the names of other studio or guest artists. Limited-edition horses based on realistic animal photos and carved examples are signed, including Appaloosas, bays, red roans, and Arabians. AQHA quarter horse models are available in limited editions. Look for a hand-crafted, hand-painted chestnut colt, red roan filly, black stallion, or champagne filly. Collectible examples with Peters name include geldings, Grullas, mares, palominos, champagne horses, and many other varieties.

What are Peter Stone pebble and chip horses?

Chips are the smallest size of collectible or decorative models, which are 2 to 3 inches high. Pebbles are models ranging from 4 to 6 inches in height. The small chip and pebble models are available in breed-specific versions, limited editions, and fantasy or holiday and decorator editions.

Which breeds of Peters models are available?

The company offers limited edition, one-of-a-kind, custom, and commemorative models for many different varieties of equine:

  • Major categories include Appaloosa, Arabian, American Quarter Horse, Morgan, Paint Horses, Pintos, Mustangs, and draft animals, including Belgians and Clydesdales.
  • Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walkers, Warmblood Palouse, and Andalusians/Iberians are also available.
  • Mane, tail, body, withers, hooves, and other details are painted to match living animals which are breed standard or represent examples of beloved or award-winning animals.
  • Ponies and weanlings are also available for different body styles and coat colors, such as red roan, champagne, strawberry roan, bay, and sorrel.
Does Peter Stones company make fantasy model equines?

Fantasy, holiday, and decorator models may be available, including rainbow unicorns based on breed model bodies. Model bodies are painted for various holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. Other decorative fantasy models include precious gem-inspired decorative sets.

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