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A Quick Look at Philips TV Remote Controls

Philips has been a mainstay of the television manufacturing industry for generations. It isn't uncommon for a Philips TV owner to lose or damage the remote that came with their television. While losing a television remote is inconvenient, eBay offers replacement Philips TV remote controls for a wide variety of models, including many that are out of production and unavailable elsewhere.

How do you find the right Philips remote?

While some Philips television sets accept a variety of remote controls, not every Philips remote is compatible with every Philips television. To ensure that the remote control that you purchase is compatible with your television, it's important to find your TV's model number, which can generally be found on the white information sticker on the back of the television set. Check that the remote you choose is listed as compatible with that model. You can also choose a product that is specifically described as a universal remote. Most new and preowned Philips remote controls sold on eBay are labeled with the model numbers that they're compatible with, simplifying your search for the correct product.

Will Philips remotes work with TVs not made by Philips?

Yes. While many Philips TV remote controls that you will find on eBay are preprogrammed and compatible only with a specific line of Philips televisions, a number of models of universal remotes from the company can also be found. Universal remotes are affordable remote controls that are unattached to a specific television set and can be programmed by the user to work with the majority of contemporary TVs. Models of Philips universal remote controls include the following:

  • SRU9600: A touchscreen remote with programmable support for up to eight devices
  • PM335: A simple remote with large, high-visibilty buttons
  • RC2043/01B: A basic four-device remote
  • SRP4004/27: A 4-in-1 remote with illuminated buttons
Can you use a Philips remote to control other electronics?

While many remote control models are programmed only to operate Philips televisions, some may offer the option to operate other Philips-brand electronics, such as media players and sound systems. Compatibility ultimately depends on the model, and users looking for the option to control a wider range of electronics should consider one of Philips' convenient universal-remote offerings.

Are remotes for older models of Philips TVs available?

You can find a wide variety of Philips remote-control models on eBay, including some for television sets that are many years out of production. Availability will vary, but it's extremely likely that you will be able to find a remote that's compatible with your older-model Philips TV.