Portable TV Band AM/FM Radios

Whether you are getting ready for a day at the beach or a long camping trip, a portable TV band AM/FM radio can be a useful technological addition. A portable unit such as a compact transistor radio or digital radio is light enough to throw in a backpack, but it is still powerful enough for tuning in FM music and AM frequencies. In addition, a battery-powered player can last for many days.

What is an internal radio antenna?

An internal antenna does not telescope out. The receiver is built inside, or the power cord may act as the antenna.

How do you improve antenna reception on a portable radio?

To achieve the clearest FM and AM music, weather, and news audio with these portable systems, put the receiver by a window or outside. Any structure, such as mountains or walls can block weak signals and produce poor audio results.

Extend the antenna entirely and put it up somewhere high. The higher, the better for tuning purposes. Adjust the angle of the rod. An antenna tilted off center will pick up more reception. If you still have not picked up anything, reposition the angle. Give it a minute to work. Sometimes it will capture the signal after settling.

If the radio has a digital tuner, manually move it one station to the left or right.

To get better reception on a unit with an internal antenna, move it to another area. Make sure the power cord is unraveled and out in the open. If the audio quality is still weak, try using an extension cord and moving the unit closer to a window or higher up.

How do you clean a portable radio speaker?

Because portable devices are used a lot outdoors, their speakers can become clogged with dirt and grime. To safely clean this component you will need a hose vacuum with a crevice cleaning attachment, microfiber cloth, cotton-tipped swabs, and rubbing alcohol. Before beginning, make sure the radio is unplugged.

  • First, test the suction on the vacuum. It should not be so powerful it will dislodge any parts. Lightly vacuum out the loose dirt. Do not spend too much time in one area. Move the hose around.
  • Wipe the speaker with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Dip the swabs in rubbing alcohol and work any remaining oil out of the grooves.
How do you clean a portable radio's battery compartment?

A small battery leak can be cleaned up with some simple household cleaners. Unplug the radio and put newspaper down on the work surface. Wear eye protection and gloves.

You will need paper towels, white vinegar, and cotton-tipped swabs.

  • Remove the batteries. Spray or soak the paper towels with the white vinegar. Wipe out any residue with the towels. Follow your local ordinances on property disposal.
  • Soak a swab with the vinegar and scrub out the nooks and crannies in the compartment.
  • Allow to air dry completely before putting in new batteries.