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Purple Notebooks and Laptops: Choosing One That Meets Your Needs

If your favorite color is purple or you're just looking for a notebook or laptop with colorful flair, you'll have a good amount of models from which to choose. When you want to narrow your options, the following questions and answers may be able to help you pick the device that fits your needs and complements your lifestyle.

What brands offer purple notebooks or laptops?

You may be able to find quite a few brands that offer or have offered notebooks or laptops in that color. They include:

  • HP.
  • RCA.
  • Dell.
  • Lenovo.
What are the screen sizes of these notebooks or laptops?

The screen sizes can significantly vary when it comes to what you'll find available. For example, one might be 15.6 inches, another 11.6 inches, and another 14 inches. If you currently have a laptop or notebook and you're interested in one with a larger or smaller screen, compare your desired screen size to your available options. Look for the measurement in the description and pictures as well as in the title of the product. Note that screen sizes indicate the diagonal measurement of the screen, not including the trim around it. See the manufacturer site for details.

What are some features of laptops and notebooks?

The amount of RAM (GB memory), the size of the GB hard drive, and the core and speed of the processor will depend on the brand and model you acquire. Some have more features than others, and they can vary from one to the next. The amount of RAM you will need depends on how you plan to use your computer. While 4GB RAM may suffice for basic document work, browsing, audio or video streaming, or photo editing, you may want 8GB-32GB RAM for more demanding tasks or serious gaming.

Other than the colorful finish, features you may encounter include a 10MP built-in webcam, touch screen, Bluetooth, extended battery life, lightweight design, Wi-Fi connectivity, and backlit keyboard. To get started on narrowing down your options, consider what features are most important to you, then compare those to the ones detailed in each description you check. You may also want to factor in the shades of purple that are available.

How can you protect your purple notebook or laptop?

You're going to want to do what you can to protect your portable computer from damage as you carry it around and use it in different places. Avoid eating or drinking around it. Keep it in a well-constructed case when it's not in use. Don't put anything on top that could scratch the vibrant finish, or place it on an unstable surface from which it could easily drop.